Life and Times of Actress EJ Phillips  1880s & 1890s 

Her dramatic career, cross-country travels, family life,  
Golden Age of the  American theatre, 19th century technologies & Arrival of the  20th century  

Em Turner Nickinson Kuhl and Mary Glen Kuhl Chitty

Elizabeth Jane Phillips Nickinson  1830-1904   
Photographs, playbills, maps & artifacts Film  EJP's 140 year old quilt
About these letters   Cast of characters   John Nickinson   Dolman Family EJ Phillips in The Rivals as Mrs. Malaprop, Chestnut St Theatre Philadelphia 1877

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   Gilbert (& Sullivan)   Oscar Wilde, Vera the Nihilist & Lady Windermere's Fan   Shakespeare's plays
Costumes, street wear & children's clothes

Health & Medicine  Sarah Bernhardt's cold prevention recipe Pregnancy & Childbirth
Houses, Boarding Houses & Housekeeping  Food Hotels & hotel life  Babies & single parenthood  
History  Civil War in Cincinnati  
Bartholdi Day & the Statue of Liberty  1886  Centennial  of Washington's Inauguration 1889 
Columbian Exposition, Chicago 1893

Money   Newspapers   Politics  

Railroads  Strenuous  travel   Climbing Pike's Peak 1883   Train wrecks   An EJ Phillips' 21st century railroad trip                    
Recreations & sports   Baseball 
 Bicycles   Dancing   Fishing   Horse racing & driving  Sleighing  Swimming  Volunteer fire dept and fires
RUM & drinking   Slang
Telecommunications & other technologies 
 Air conditioning  Electricity   Photography   Transportation   Typewriters                                               

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