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Of the 90 plus plays we know EJ Phillips performed in 70 were by British dramatists, 22 were originally French dramas, and 15 seem to have been by American playwrights --  though my list is not complete.   I don't think I've got all the French originals of plays adapted by others for the English stage.

Auguste Anicet Bourgeois 1806-1870 French dramatist http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Auguste_Anicet-Bourgeois  Prisoner for Life Union Square Theatre 1885

Elliott Barnes Artist's daughter Union Square Theatre  1886.

Adolphe Belot  (1829-1890) French dramatist wrote Esther Sandraz Palmer's Theatre 1891, Felicia or Woman's Love 1881 Union Square Theatre and others including Article 47.

Dion[ysius] Lardner Boucicault (1820-1890)  The Irish actor and dramatist is said to have written between 120 and 150 plays. "Not only was [he] the most successful and popular playwright of his eras, he also remained widely admired as an actor."  [Oxford]  He also served as a house dramatist and stage director at the Union Square and Madison Square Stock Companies.   

The "sensation scene" became a trademark of his work -- a "spectacular display of stage pyrotechnics ...exploding steam-boats, snowstorms and avalanches, duels and massacres, urban conflagrations -- these and dozens of other sensations kept audiences at a high level of tension especially as Boucicault began to use them nearly 20 years before he finally perfected the invention of fireproof scenery". [Intl Dictionary of Theatre]  

Hogan, Robert, Dion Boucicault, New York: Twayne Publishers Inc. 1969
Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boucicault 

EJ Phillips made her professional stage debut in Boucicault's play London Assurance in 1852 in Hamilton Canada.  John Nickinson's greatest role was Havresack in Boucicault's Napoleon's Old Guard  
John Nickinson as Havresack and Charlotte as Melanie

Maud Harrison made her stage debut in 1875 in Boucicault's The Flying Scud or Four-Legged Fortune, the first of the popular horse racing melodramas.

Boucicault was 63 in 1883.  His first wife died in the Alps shortly after their marriage.  Agnes Robertson, his second wife is not mentioned in these letters.  His third wife Louise Thorndyke Boucicault is briefly mentioned. 

Cleveland Nov. 17, 1893 Miss Elsie deWolfe did not gain her bit of diplomacy as Miss Ada Dyas & Mrs. Thorndyke Boucicault are engaged for A Woman of No Importance.  It was a cheeky bit of work for Miss deWolfe and she did not deserve to succeed.  And it is well for herself she didn't for, it would have been her third dramatic failure.

Biographer Richard Fawkes tells how Boucicault left New York for San Francisco in April 1885 with his son Dot, daughter Nina and Louise Thorndyke, who was then 21. They traveled to New Zealand and Australia.  Boucicault was 64.  He and Louise were married in Sept. in Sydney and Boucicault claimed to be a widower on the marriage certificate, though his wife Agnes Robertson was alive in London. Boucicault had been claiming they were never legally married.  Son and daughter promptly cabled their mother who took out an ad claiming he was a bigamist. The newlyweds were in no rush to return to America and when they did they appeared in his play The Jilt, which drew in crowds eager to see the couple.  

Dion Boucicault, Strang's Players and Plays of the last quarter century 1902

Boucicault as drama teacher
RF Dietrich, British Drama from 1890 to 1950, Death of Boucicault http://chuma.cas.usf.edu/~dietrich/britishdrama2.htm#Boucicault
Leaves from a dramatist's diary, Dion Boucicault, North American Review, Aug. 1889  http://cdl.library.cornell.edu/cgi-bin/moa/moa-cgi?notisid=ABQ7578-0149-32 
Richard Fawkes Dion Boucicault Collection, Templeman Library, Univ. of Kent, Canterbury http://www.kent.ac.uk/library/specialcollections/theatre/boucicault/index.html
Dion Boucicault, Richard Fawkes, Quartet Books, 1979
Dion Boucicault Theater Collection, Univ. of South Florida http://www.lib.usf.edu/ldsu/index2.html?f=search-fullrecord&idx=1 
Dion Boucicault Theatre Programme Collection, Templeman Library, Univ. of Kent at Canterbury
Dion Boucicault, Victorian Web http://www.victorianweb.org/mt/boucicault/ 
North American Theater Online http://asp6new.alexanderstreet.com/atho/atho.detail.people.aspx?personcode=per0043300

Boucicault is buried in Mt Hope Cemetery, Hastings on Hudson New York http://www.mounthopecemetery.com/index.html

Robert Williams Buchanan (1841-1901) English dramatist [Storm Beaten 1883 and Partners 1888 ], poet and novelist "wrote too much and too variously to achieve the highest results, but his lyric gift was strong, and there was abundant, if often ill-regulated, force in his novels [Dictionary of National Biography ]   http://www.victorianweb.org/authors/buchanan/galletley.html   Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Williams_Buchanan   http://www.robertbuchanan.co.uk/html/plays.html

Edward Bulwer Lytton 1803-1873 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_Bulwer-Lytton,_1st_Baron_Lytton Novelist, poet, politician and playwright, author of the Lady of Lyons [1861]and Money [1876]

Bartley Campbell (1843-1888) was one of the first American dramatists to make playwriting his profession.  However he died insane. (Oxford Concise Comp Theatre).  "From 1876 until his mental breakdown in 1885 he was America's most popular melodramatist. EJ Phillips played Mamie Maxwell in Bartley's Campbell's Separation in 1884 at the Union Square Theatre.

Boston, Oct. 1, 1887 We could keep on playing Jim [the Penman] here for another four weeks to big business.  The business seems to increase with every week.  The musicians had to give up their seats last night and go under the stage.  Some are prognosticating that it will run again all this season at Mad[ison] Sq'[uar]e [Theatre]. If so we shall all be ready in the Spring to join Bartley Campbell in your big town house.  

Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bartley_Campbell

Lewis Strang in Players and Plays writes of Bartley Campbell "though only a deviser of sensational melodrama, was in some respects a remarkable man. He apparently barely missed being a genius, thereby becoming that pathetic thing, known as brilliantly erratic. Although he had far more original ability than the men about him who succeeded, Campbell made a failure of everything he tried, except the writing of wild melodramas, and he died abject and poor, under the most tragic circumstances."

New York Times May  1886 reported that Bartley Campbell had been taken from Bellevue to the Bloomingdale Asylum "where he will probably spend the remainder of his life"  The Actor's Fund and the Elks  contributed to his support.  http://query.nytimes.com/mem/archive-free/pdf?res=F30911FF3C5C10738DDDA10994DD405B8684F0D3  

His New York Times obituary says he went to the State Homeopathic Asylum for the Insane in  Middletown in Nov 1886.  AM Palmer was appointed receiver of his "unsettled affairs" 
About Stage Folks by William Ellis Horton 1902 http://books.google.com/books?id=tQQOAAAAYAAJ&dq=buried+%22May+brookyn%22&source=gbs_navlinks_s   says that Bartley Campbell is buried in Pittsburg Pennsylvania.

Augustus R Cazauran (1820-1889) was hired by AM Palmer as a play reader and became his right hand man, and a celebrated play doctor.  Prior to his theatrical career he had been imprisoned as a spy, worked as a journalist, and wrote a once famous eyewitness account of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.  [Oxford Companion American Theater]  http://www.answers.com/topic/augustus-r-cazauran

Cazauran had an eager and adventurous taste in drama and the fact that he often recommended and pleaded the cause of plays a little out of the conventional line of the day may be the reason for the statement that three of Palmer's most successful productions The Two Orphans, Sir Charles Young's melodrama Jim the Penman, and Alabama by Augustus Thomas, were urged upon him against his own will and judgment. [AM Palmer, Dictionary of American Biography] 
Bronson Howard gave great credit to AR Cazauran as "reconstructor" (JH Stoddart's word, according to his autobiographical Recollections of a Player) of The Banker's Daughter (Union Square 1878).  EJ Phillips played Mrs. Holcomb.

Clara Morris's autobiography Life on the Stage called Cazauran "that ferret faced, mysterious little man, whose clever brain and dramatic instincts made him so valuable about a theatre".

In January 1881 Palmer produced AR Cazauran's adaptation of D'Ennery's play The Creole, EJ Phillips playing the Countess de Maillepre.  Cazauran's play The Fatal Letter, a Civil War drama with a Confederate heroine had Charles Walcot (husband of Isabella Nickinson) in the cast, but closed after two weeks and was declared a failure in 1884.   EJ Phillips reported that he had joined Palmer's company in Boston in 1886 to rehearse his adaptation of The Martyr "Queer as the old boy is, I felt rather glad to see him & he seemed delighted to be with us."

A NY Times report of a benefit for Cazauran in Dec 1888 http://query.nytimes.com/mem/archive-free/pdf?res=FA0915FA3D5F15738DDDA80B94DA415B8884F0D3 said that actress Louisa Eldridge was among those selling flowers in the lobby and that Maurice Barrymore, Herbert Kelcey and Edward Bell were ushers.

NY Times obituary Jan 28 1889 http://query.nytimes.com/gst/abstract.html?res=F50814F7385413738DDDA10A94D9405B8984F0D3  reported that he witnessed the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, wrote the first report on for the Washington Chronicle and was the Associated Press reporter for "the trials of the assassins and conspirators. ... He did some admirable work as an adapter but his efforts at original playwriting were failures."  His adaptations were listed as The Danicheffs, Daniel Rochat, Article 47, The Martyr and several others. 

Cazauran's manuscript autobiography is in the Library of the Players' club according to Ryan's dissertation on AM Palmer.  
North American Theater Online http://asp6new.alexanderstreet.com/atho/atho.detail.people.aspx?personcode=per0055980

Charles Haddon Chambers (1860-1921) New York Times obituary http://query.nytimes.com/mem/archive-free/pdf?res=FA0B1EF7385B1B7A93CBAB1788D85F458285F9 
Australian Dictionary of National Biography with photo http://www.adb.online.anu.edu.au/biogs/A070612b.htm      Captain Swift  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Haddon_Chambers

Augustin Daly Theatre managers  Adapted from the French Leah the Forsaken [1863], Article 47 and Frou Frou [1894]

Adolphe D'Ennery (1811-1899) French dramatist and novelist  Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adolphe_d'Ennery  The Union Square Theatre his Two Orphans, in which EJ Phillips played the Countess in 1880, Duprez & Son in 1884, EJ Phillips played Suzanne and The Creole in 1881 -- EJ Phillips played the Countess de Maillepre. 

Alexandra Dumas père  (1802-1870) Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexandre_Dumas,_p%C3%A8re  French novelist and dramatist wrote The Count of Monte Cristo, in which James O'Neill (father of Eugene O'Neill) performed at the Union Square Theatre in 1883 and for many years afterwards.

Alexandre Dumas fils (1824-1895) Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexandre_Dumas,_fils  son of the novelist wrote La Dame aux camélias which became Camille in English, his first great success and on which Verdi's opera La Traviata is based. He also wrote The Danicheffs in which EJ Phillips played the Countess Danicheff at the Union Square Theatre in 1878 and Fair Fame 1887.

Edgar Fawcett 1848-1904 primarily a poet and novelist wrote A False Friend in which EJ Phillips played Lady Ogden at the Union Square Theatre in 1880.

Georges Feydeau 1862-1921 French playwright http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georges_Feydeau  Gay Parisians [1895-1897], originally L'Hôtel du libre échange http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L%27H%C3%B4tel_du_libre_%C3%A9change with Maurice Desvallierès

William Schwenk Gilbert (1836-1911)  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/W._S._Gilbert  English dramatist best known for his collaborations with composer Arthur Sullivan, but also the author of Engaged [1886] and Broken Hearts, an Agnes Booth vehicle

William Gillette (1853-1937) Actor, playwright and manager  Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Gillette   Wrote with Frances Hodgson Burnett's the play   Esmeralda, a long term vehicle for Annie Russell.  Hired by the Frohmans.

Salt Lake City 1896 "Last night Mr. [Gustave] Frohman came behind the scenes very much elated over a letter he had rec'd from his brother Charles [Frohman] saying that in May next he was going to send Gay Parisians and Too Much Johnson to Australia."  Too much Johnson had been adapted by Gillette from the French play by Ordonneau.

Gillette as Sherlock Holmes  1936 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38HgyxMThOw&feature=related   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfHaVFKSYGE&feature=related  
Gillette Castle, East Haddam Connecticut  http://www.ct.gov/dep/cwp/view.asp?A=2716&Q=325204   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_B6efmiAIc&feature=related

Sydney Grundy 1848-1914 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sydney_Grundy  author/adapter of Martyr, Broken Seal, A New Woman and A Pair of Spectacles

James A. Herne (1839-1901) American actor and dramatist, pioneered Ibsen, inspired realistic drama in US.  Dicitonary of American Biography  

Lewis Strang writes that "Mr. Herne's first great success was "Hearts of Oak" which was brought out in San Francisco in 1878. It had a wonderful vogue for ten or twelve years, and earned a fortune for the author. Mr. Herne described it as a melodrama without a villain.... In 1888 he produced in Chickering Hall, in Boston, "Margaret Fleming," a serious drama, which proved to be the forerunner of the 'problem plays." The work was a little in advance of its time, though it barely missed being a success. The feature of the production was the marvelously realistic acting of Mrs. Herne, who is said to have been largely responsible for the personality and opinions of the heroine. 

Wikipedia accessed 2018 Jan 28 American playwright and actor.[1] He is considered by some critics to be the "American Ibsen", and his controversial play Margaret Fleming is often credited with having begun modern drama in America. Herne was a Georgist and wrote Shore Acres to promote the political economy of Henry George.[2]   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_A._Herne

New York, Dec. 2, 1891 I am still doing nothing and am very tired of it.  It makes me feel old and useless.  Alabama is still drawing well they tell me.  A new play, Margaret Fleming is to be produced but it is an outside speculation.  James A. Herne is the author and his wife plays the leading part, and if successful will star in it.  Only 3 of the company play in it -- Messrs [EM] Holland, [Charles L.] Harris & [Edward M]  Bell.  It is for next Wednesday Matinee only.

Strang's Players and Plays of the Last Quarter Century, 1902

Mrs. James A. Herne [Katharine Corcoran]
(1857-1943) actress, most famous for the title role in Margaret Fleming

Bronson Crocker Howard  (1842-1908) , author of The Banker's Daughter, Old Love Letters, Aristocracy, Saratoga. In Memoriam-- Bronson Howard, published by the American Dramatists Club, New York, 1910 contains a biography by H. P. Mawson, an appreciation by Brander Matthews, The  Autobiography of a Play by Bronson Howard and a list of the plays with the original casts. "The Autobiography of a Play http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/18769  (1914) gives a detailed, fascinating history of The Banker's Daughter [1878 1883]and provides numerous insights into his character." Oxford Companion   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bronson_Howard

Lewis Strang in Players and Plays on Bronson Howard "Augustin Daly was responsible for the first success of the man, who probably more than any other, is entitled to rank as the leading American dramatist. Bronson Howard became notorious through the popularity of his frivolous and vulgar farce, "Saratoga" which was produced by Daly in the early seventies; but Mr. Howard's reputation was solidly established by some half dozen later dramas that ranged from light comedy to vigorous melodrama. These six plays were "Old Love Letters, " "The Banker's Daughter, "Young Mrs. Winthrop," The Henrietta", Shenandoah," and "Aristocracy". .. Mr. Howard expected to enter Yale so as to be graduated with the class of 1865, but his eyesight failed, and he went into newspaper work instead. ... In such plays as The Banker's Daughter and Aristocracy, all of Mr. Howard's characters resided in residences, and they invited one another to be seated in drawing-rooms, from which they retired for a night's rest. In no one work did Mr. Howard declare the best that was in him so effectually as in Old Love Letters, a one-act comedietta, which bordered on the sentimental but never quite emerged in to it, which was exquisite in feeling, delicate in pathos, spontaneous and delightful in the fine sensibility of its humour, and genuine in its sincerity. To see this playlet, with all its subtleties and suggestions, revealed by the insinuating and authoritative art of Agnes Booth,  was indeed a theatrical experience, rich, full and complete.

Bronson Howard Autobiography of a Play Dramatic Museum of Columbia University 1914 http://books.google.com/books?id=3cMCAAAAYAAJ&vq=cazauran&dq=autobiography+of+a+play&source=gbs_navlinks_s   writes about the Banker's Daughter.
Bronson Howard, Drama 1860- 1918 http://www.bartleby.com/227/1110.html    Autobiography of a play http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/18769
In Memoriam Bronson Howard, American Dramatists' Club 1910

William Dean Howells (1837-1920) author of some 36 plays, was "a writer of charming dialogue but incapable of producing the melodramatic confrontations demanded by 19th century audiences" [Cambridge Guide Am Theatre]), adapted by Edward M. Alfried Nov 1886.  EJ Phillips was cast as Mrs. Vervaine in his Foregone Conclusion in 1886.


William Dean Howells on vaudeville Harpers Monthly Magazine April 1903
Project Gutenberg, Complete Works of William Dean Howells http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/3400   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Dean_Howells

Charles H. Hoyt (1860-1900) American dramatist, whose plays can be seen as "primitive musical comedies".  Palmer's Madison Square Theatre was taken over by Hoyt (and Charles Thomas) in 1891, when Palmer assumed management of Palmer's Theatre.  [King NYC, DAB] Odell, in reflecting on the death of Lawrence Barrett (in 1891) said" The thoughtless herd prefers Charles H. Hoyt to Shakespeare and Sheridan."  His Trip to Chinatown, set in San Francisco, ran from Nov. 1891 to Aug. 1893, the longest consecutive run of any American play.  This record lasted until 1918. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Hale_Hoyt

Cullen Murphy, The Scrapbook: An accidental encounter with two briefly famous lives, Atlantic Nov. 1, 2001 http://www.theatlantic.com/past/docs/issues/2001/11/murphy.htm
Elwood Joseph Annaheim, A Trip to Chinatown: Charles H. Hoyt and Broadway of the 1890s, 1999 http://www.peteyandpetunia.com/Bowery/Bowery.htm
Hoyt, Cliff and Linda, Charles Hoyt, Popular Playwright of the Gay 1890s  2009
Mrs. Charles H. Hoyt (c. 1873-1898) Caroline Miskel  
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caroline_Miskel-Hoyt |

Hendrik Ibsen (1828-1906) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henrik_Ibsen
Pillars of Society 1890
EJ Phillips rehearsed in, but Palmer never produced it. 
A doll's house or Breaking a butterfly,
adapted by Henry Arthur Jones 1890

The Mausoleum of Ibsen, William Archer, 
Fortnightly Review, London, July 1893 (Vol. 60, pp. 77 - 91) http://www.ibsen.net/index.gan?id=35363&subid=0

Henry Arthur Jones (1851-1929), was a contemporary of Arthur Wing Pinero and George Bernard Shaw and "a leading dramatist of his day...although his gift for comic aphorisms was inferior to Wilde's and his characters rarely as fascinating as Pinero, his best works remain interesting period pieces" [Oxford Companion] He was the Madison Square Theatre stage director in 1885.   Jones and Saints and Sinners  Other plays by Jones EJ Phillips acted in  included Heart of Hearts, Judah, Middleman, Wealth and Welcome Little Stranger.

RF Dietrich, Henry Arthur Jones, The Earnest Victorian, British Drama http://chuma.cas.usf.edu/~dietrich/britishdrama2.htm#Jones   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Arthur_Jones

Lewis Strang writes of Jones in Players and Plays of the last quarter century that his "first big success came in 1882" with The Silver King.  "The melodrama displayed considerable florid rhetoric, but theatrically it was immense.  In 1884 Mr. Jones had his first experience with Ibsen, whom he was instrumental in introducing him to the English theatre. How little Jones understood the Scandinavian may be deduced from the fact that he and Mr. Herman , in adapting "A Doll's House" under the title of "Breaking a Butterfly," ended their version with a reconciliation between Nora and her husband.

Jones, Doris Arthur, Taking the curtain: Life and Letters of Henry Arthur Jones, New York: MacMillan 1930 http://www.questia.com/library/book/taking-the-curtain-call-the-life-and-letters-of-henry-arthur-jones-by-doris-arthur-jones.jsp  

James Brander Matthews (1852-1929) DCL University of the South 1899, educator, scholar, critic and playwright.  Taught drama at Columbia (1891-1924) and wrote 24 books.  EJ Phillips played Mrs. Webster in Margery's Lovers in 1887 at the Madison Square Theatre. These many years: recollections of a New Yorker, Brander Matthews 1917 http://books.google.com/books?id=05yxAAAAIAAJ&dq=%22Margery's+Lovers%22&source=gbs_navlinks_s  talks about Margery's Lovers, AM Palmer and the Union and Madison Square Theatre Companies. 

Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brander_Matthews  James Brander Matthews, Columbia Encyclopedia http://www.bartleby.com/people/Matthews.html 
Buried Greenwood Cemetery Brooklyn http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=42004154

Peter Robertson (1847-1911)  Playwright and critic, known for writing some reviews in dialogue form, for many years reviewer for the San Francisco Chronicle. His Social Scandal was performed at the Madison Square Theatre in 1887.  EJ Phillips wrote that she was in the first and last acts only.  Jan 9, 1887  Then to San F'co by St Paul and Northern Pacific RR.  Jim the Penman will possibly run for the rest of the season, but there is to be a new play done by Mr. [Peter] Robertson of San F'co 

Thomas William Robertson 1829-1871 Anglo Irish dramatist http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_William_Robertson  Caste in which EJ Phillips performed in 1876 and 1895.

Edward Rose 1849-1904  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_Rose  English dramatist, known primarily for The Prisoner of Zenda, for which James Hackett was well known.  Also wrote Her Father produced at the Madison Square Theatre in 1890.  Not clear which role EJ Phillips played.

Victorien Sardou (1831-1908) French Dramatist  "well made play"  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victorien_Sardou  EJ Phillips appeared in his Daniel Rochat at the Union Square Theatre, went to see Fanny Davenport in Boston in  La Tosca and colleague Frederic Robinson appeared in Diplomacy.

If by successful is meant widely performed, the most successful playwright in the English theatre between T. W. Robertson in the 1860s and A. W. Pinero in the 1890s was a Frenchman, Victorien Sardou. This apparent paradox can be elucidated not only by the list of English adaptations of Sardou which concludes this survey, but by noting some of the leading English actors who appeared in Sardou. They include [Henry] Irving (Madame Sons-Gêne, Robespierre, Dante); the Bancrofts (Nos Intimes, Dora, Les Bourgeois de Pont-Arçy, Odette, Fédora); the Kendals (Les Pattes de Mouche, Nos Intimes, Dora, Maison Neuve); Wyndham (Rabagas, La Papillonne); Hare (Les Pattes de Mouche, Dora, La Tosca); [Herbert Beerbohm] Tree (Fédora); Forbes-Robertson (Dora, Les Bourgeois de Pont-Arçy); Hawtrey (Divorçons!); Bourchier (Divorçons!); Du Maurier (Dora). The admission to the list of such leading ladies as Ellen Terry, Mrs. Patrick Campbell, [Helena] Modjeska, Elizabeth Robins, and Gladys Cooper would extend it further.  George Rowell Sardou on the English Stage 2009  http://journals.cambridge.org/action/displayAbstract?fromPage=online&aid=3047636

Shakespeare: EJ Phillips played 31 roles in 19 plays, including As you like it, Comedy of Errors, Coriolanus, Hamlet, Henry VIII, King John, King Lear, MacBeth, Merchant of Venice, Merry Wives of Windsor, Othello, Richard III, Romeo and Juliet, Taming of the Shrew and Twelfth Night, beginning in Toronto, continuing in Cincinnati, most notably with Junius Brutus Booth Jr in Othello, and in Indianapolis (Lear with Edwin Forrest) and Lawrence Barrett in the 1870s and touring with Olga Nethersole as the Nurse in Romeo and Juliet in the 1890s.  AM Palmer did not produce Shakespeare at the Union or Madison Square Theatres, except occasional scenes.

George Robert Sims 1847-1922 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Robert_Sims  English dramatist and journalist, primarily adaptations including the Lights O London and Master and Man.

Clinton Stuart 1852-1937 was in Article 47 at the Union Square Theatre in 1882.  His play Our Society, adapted from Le monde ou l'on s'ennuie by Edouard Pailleron closed the 1885-1886 Madison Square season, sustaining a profit in a two week engagement. His Fair Fame in  1887 had EJ Phillips as Mrs. Preston.

New York, Dec. 10, 1887 Saw Mr. Clinton Stuart last night and he said he had been reading a new play to AM P[almer] who was much pleased with it.  Mr. Stuart said in consideration of a very bad part I played for him in Fair Fame [Denise] by Alexandre Dumas, adapted by Clinton Stuart]  last season that he had written a very fine part for me in the new play. 

New York, Dec. 7, 1887 Mr. [Clinton] Stuart said to AM Palmer that he would not have his play put on for an Author's Matinee and AM said "Oh no, I will give it a chance for a run".  "It is too heavy to try at a matinee. It will want getting up".  But when he is going to try it, no one knows yet or if anyone does, it is not generally made known. 

Augustus Thomas (1857-1934)  American playwright, author of Alabama, Colonel Carter of Cartersville and Man of the World.    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Augustus_Thomas  EJ Phillips was in none of these plays.

"It was frequently noted that his curtain speeches at the first nights of his plays seemed sometimes to have more style and substance than the plays. This was perhaps because he was reared in the old- fashioned theatre of melodrama and sheer entertainment, and was quite unaffected by the "new drama" which came in during the nineties. (He makes no reference to it whatsoever in his autobiography, The Print of my Remembrance, 1922).  [Dictionary of American Biography] 

Lewis Strang in Players and Plays says Thomas was born in 1859, spent six years in the railroad business and then worked for St. Louis, Kansas City and New York newspapers. His "advance to a position in the van of American dramatists dates, however, from the production of his "Alabama," at Palmer's Theatre, New York, on November 2, 1891.  It was the first American play that AM Palmer had given for a long time ... To Mr. Palmer's great surprise, Alabama gained immediate favour and ran until the next spring. Its quiet sentiment, its delicacy and charm almost poetic, and especially its sweet atmosphere redolent with the fragrance of the magnolia and expressing so sympathetically Southern warmth, chivalry, and humour, were greatly admired.... Mr. Thomas's other State plays have been "In Mizzoura,", "Arizona," and "Colorado,", the last the only one in the number written to order and the only one to fail.

August Thomas (1859-1941) originally published in the British and American Drama of Today, Barrett Hl Clark, New York: Henry Holt and Co. 1915, pp 233-234
Augustus Thomas was born at St. Louis, in 1859. He says (quoted in The Outlook, December 28, 1912): "After Farragut ran the New Orleans blockade my father took direction of the St. Charles Theater in New Orleans, then owned by Ben DeBar http://www.theatredatabase.com/20th_century/augustus_thomas_001.html
Autobiography The Print of My Remembrance 1922 http://books.google.com/books?id=4AovAQAAIAAJ&dq=%22augustus+thomas%22++cemetery&source=gbs_navlinks_s
Buried Bellefontaine Cemetery St. Louis http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?GRid=7387185&page=gr 

Denman Thompson  was an actor as well as a playwright, known primarily for the Old Homestead.  EJ Phillips knew him from his days in Toronto at the Royal Lyceum.  John Nickinson's daughter Eliza Nickinson Mrs. Charles Peters was in his play the Sunshine of Paradise Alley. more

Malcolm Watson . Author Pharisee and Social Fiction, produced at the Madison Square Theatre 1890- 1891 and Joseph produced by Ramsey Morris  1892-1893. theatre critic for the Daily Telegraph 1899-1926 http://www.abebooks.com/Collection-letters-Malcolm-Watson-theatre-critic/1609308313/bd
North American Theatre Online has no Malcolm Watson article but several references http://asp6new.alexanderstreet.com/atho/atho.result.resourcetext.aspx?word=malcolm+watson&sortorder=type

Oscar Wilde's Vera the Nihilist was produced at the Union Square Theatre in August 1883, while EJ Phillips was in San Francisco.  She played the Duchess of Berwick in Lady Windermere's Fan 1893-1894. more

Charles Young (1839-1887) English barrister and playwright had his biggest success with his last play Jim the Penman and died a year later, aged 48.
North American Theatre Online http://asp6new.alexanderstreet.com/atho/atho.detail.people.aspx?personcode=per0051418

EJ Phillips and colleagues' plays by playwrights  bold EJ Phillips roles, italics Palmer productions   EJ Phillips' plays by title   Plays Chronology by year EJ Philips first performed

. bold EJP roles . italics Palmer plays . last revised Feb  4 2018
American Her Second Husband Adeler Max [Charles Heber Clark] Chestnut St philadelphia 1877 Nov 1877 Mrs Harriet Pidgeon
American Flirtation Ames Eleanor Kirk Chestnut St philadelphia 1876 Dec 1876 Mrs. Sparkle
British Prisoner for Life Anicet Bourgeois Auguste Union Square New York 1885 1885 Mme Marguerite
American Artist's Daughter Barnes  Wm Elliott Union Square New York 1886 1885 Mme De Vaux
British Perfection or the Maid of Munster Bayly Thomas Haynes Farrar Hall  Erie 1861 John Nickinson 1830 Susan her maid
French/British Esther Sandraz Belot Adolphe Grundy Sydney Palmer's Theatre Madison Square 1891 1888 Mme Fourcanade
French Felicia or Woman's Love Belot Adolphe Cazauran AR Union Square New York 1881 1881 Eleanor Mornay
French Miss Multon Belot Adolphe Nus Eugene Hooleys Chicago 1878 Aug    1869 Arabella
British Colleen Bawn Boucicault Dion Farrar Hall  Erie 1861 John Nickinson 1860 Anne Chute
British London Assurance Boucicault Dion amateur grp Hamilton 1852 1841 Grace Harkaway
British Napoleon's Old Guard Boucicault Dion Metropolitan Hamilton 1861 John Nickinson 1836 Melanie Havresac
British Octoroon Boucicault Dion Metropolitan Hamilton 1861 John Nickinson 1859 Dora Sunnyside a Southern belle
British Willow Copse Boucicault Dion Pike's Opera House  cincinnati 1863 Apr 1855 JN Bill Staggers EJP Lady Apsley  Zavistowskis
Irish American Playing with Fire Brougham John Varieties New Orleans 1868 Sept Oct 1860 Widow Crabsticke
Irish American Slander or Iron Cross Brougham John Chestnut St philadelphia 1877 May 1877 Angelique
French/British Partners Buchanan Robert Williams Daudet Alphonse Madison Square New York 1888 1888 Lady Silverdale
American/British Storm beaten Buchanan Robert Williams Cazauran AR Union Square New York 1883 1884 1883 Dame Christiansen
British Dead Shot A Cazauran AR Buckstone John Baldwin Metropolitan Hamilton 1861 John Nickinson 1825 Louisa Lovetrick
British Nan the good for nothing Buckstone John Baldwin Her Majesty's Theatre Ottawa 1861 John Nickinson 1851 Nan
British Lady of Lyons Bulwer Lytton Edward Arcade Hall Lockport 1861 John Nickinson 1838 Pauline
British Money Bulwer Lytton Edward Chestnut St Philadelphia 1876 St Louis 1871 1840 Lady Franklin
French/British Broken Seal Busnach Wm Bertrand Grundy Sydney Palmer's Theatre New York 1892 1890 Madelaine French peasant housekeeper
British Married in haste Byron Henry J Chestnut St philadelphia 1875 Dec 1875 Mrs. Grainger
British Weak Woman Byron Henry J Chestnut St philadelphia 1875 Nov    1875 Mrs Gunn
American Our Boys Byron Henry James Chestnut St Philadelphia 1876 1875 Clarissa Champney an elderly young lady
American Reparation Campbell Bartley Union Square New York 1884 Feb unknown old maid
American Separation Campbell Bartley Union Square New York 1884 1884 Mamie Maxwell
Australian/British Captain Swift Chambers Chas Haddon Madison Square New York 1888 1888 Lady Staunton
British Soldier's daughter & London Merchant Cherry Andrew Farrar Hall  Erie 1861 John Nickinson 1804 Widow Cheerly
French French flats Chivot M Henri Cazauran AR Union Square New York 1880 1883 1884 1881 Marchioness Bianca
French Tichborne Chrissafoil Barbus Chestnut St philadelphia 1875 Dec unknown Widow Orton
British Clandestine Marriage Colman George  Garrick David unknown 1852 to 58? 1870s? 1766 Mrs. Heidelberg
British Chimney Corner Craven HT Pike's Opera House  cincinnati 1863 ? 1861 Patty Probity with CW Couldock
American Divorce Daly Augustin Trollope Chestnut St philadelphia 1878 Feb 1871 Mrs Ten Eyck
German/American Leah the Forsaken Daly Augustin von Mosenthal Salomon Hermann Cincinnati 1863 1863 Dame Gertrude
British Naval Engagements Dance Charles Her Majesty's Theatre Ottawa 1861 John Nickinson 1848 Mrs. Pontivex
French Celebrated case d'Ennery Adolphe Union Square Chicago 1878 18851 1878 Duchess
French Creole The d'Ennery Adolphe Cazauran AR Union Square New York 1881 1881 Countess de Maillepre
French Duprez & Son Bankers & Brokers d'Ennery Adolphe Union Square New York 1884 1857 Suzanne
French/American Two Orphans d'Ennery Adolphe Hart Jackson Union Square New York 1880 1874 Countess
French Camille Dumas Alexandre fils Union Square New York 1879 1881 1894-1895 1848 Madame Prudence
American/French Danicheffs Dumas Alexandre fils Parselle John Union Square New York 1878 1881 1877 Countess Danicheff
French Rantzaus The Erckmann Emilie Cazauran AR Union Square New York 1882 1882 Marianne Florence
British False friend Fawcett Edgar Cazauran AR Union Square New York 1880 1882 SF 1880 Lady Ogden
French Led Astray Feuillet octave Boucicault Dion Union Square New York 1880 1879 Chicago 1873 Baroness de Rivonniere
French Gay Parisians Feydeau Georges Thomas Augustus Star Theatre Buffalo 1895 1897 1894 Angelique Pinglet
American Three Days Fyles Franklin Chestnut St philadelphia 1877 Apr unknown Mrs Vanmander
British Transgressor Gatti AW Palmer's Theatre New York 1894 1894 Mrs Woodville 
British Engaged Gilbert WS Madison Square New York 1886 1877 Mrs McFarlane
american Quits Gilder Jeannette L Chestnut St philadelphia 1877 May unknown Mrs Christine Ashley
British She Stoops to Conquer? Goldsmith Oliver Toronto? 1852 s? elseewhere 1773 Mrs. Hardcastle
French Three wives to one husband Grenet Dancourt Ernest Union Square New York 1884 1881 Mrs Batterby
French/British Martyr AR Cazauran adapt Sullivan Edwards Grundy Sydney Denney Adolphe Madison Square New York 1886 1887 1886 Madame de la Marche
French/American Frou Frou Daly Augustin Halevey Ludovic Meilhac Henry Olga Nethersole touring 1894 1870 only in briefly
French Pink Dominos Hennequin Alfred Delacour Alfred Union Square New York 1877 1877 Mrs Tubbs
British House Dog Higgie Thomas farce Royal Lyceum     Toronto 1856 John Nickinson 1845 Miss Melpomene
British Tragedy of Douglas Home John 1752- 1808 amateur grp Hamilton 1848 1756 Mother of Young Norval Lady Randolph
American Banker's daughter Howard Bronson AR Cazauran Union Square New York 1878 1880 1883 1878 Mrs Fanny Holcombe banker's daughter's widowed aunt
American Foregone Conclusion Howells Wm Dean Madison Square New York 1886 novel 1874 Mrs. Vervain
French Lucretia Borgia Hugo Victor Royal Lyceum     Toronto 1856 1833 Lucretia
Norwegian Pillars of Society Ibsen Hendrik Madison Square New York 1890 not produced 1877 only in 1st act Miss Holt/Rimmel or Mrs.Lynge
American/British Charles the Second Irving Washington Payne John Howard Arcade Hall Lockport 1861 John Nickinson 1824 Lady Clara
Irish Craiga Dhoul Jackson Hart Chestnut St philadelphia 1878 feb 1878 Baroness of Craiga
British Heart of Hearts Jones Henry Arthur Madison Square New York 1888 1887 Lady Clarissa Fitzralph
British Judah Jones Henry Arthur Madison Square New York 1891 1890 Mrs Pratt?
British Middleman Jones Henry Arthur Palmer's Theatre New York 1890 1889 Mrs Chandler
British Saints & Sinners Jones Henry Arthur Madison Square New York 1885 1892 1884 Lydia
British Wealth Jones Henry Arthur Palmer's theatre Madison Square 1890 1891 1889 Mrs Palfreyman
British Welcome Little Stranger Jones Henry Arthur Madison Square Chicago 1887 1885 Diana Twentyman, Dr Septimus wife+K44
British Hunchback Knowles J Sheridan Royal Lyceum     Toronto 1856 John Nickinson 1832 Helen
British Virginius Knowles J Sheridan ?indianapolis unknown 1868 1824 Servia, Edwin Forrest
British William Tell Knowles J Sheridan Royal Lyceum     Toronto 1856 John Nickinson 1825 Emma Tell's wife
American Conscience Lancaster AE Magnus Julian Union Square New York 1878 1991 1876 Tabitha Trump
American ?   Judge Law Arthur Ramsey Morris touring 1893 1893 only in the last act
British Uncle Tom's Cabin Lemon Mark Taylor Tom Royal Lyceum     Toronto 1857 John Nickinson 1852 Cassy
American Surf Logan Olive Indianapolis 1874 1870 ?
British Love's Sacrifice Lovell George Chestnut St Philadelphia 1877 Jan 1847 Margaret, Hermione
British White Horse of the Peppers Lover Samuel Royal Lyceum     Toronto 1852 1838 Magdalene? Agatha?
British Family Jars or the mistaken father Lunn Joseph Farrar Hall  Erie 1861 John Nickinson 1826 Liddy Larrigan
American Margery's Lovers Matthews  Brander Madison Square New York 1887 1884 Mrs Webster
british Stolen Kisses Merritt Paul Chestnut St philadelphia 1877 Oct 1877 Mrs Juw
British Gamester Moore Edward Royal Lyceum     Toronto 1856 1777 Mrs Beverly
British Blessed Baby Moore J George Royal Lyceum     Toronto 1856 John Nickinson 1847 Mary Jane mother of the blessed baby
American Bachelor's Romance Morton Martha Broad St Philadelphia 1898 1896 Clementina
British Venice Preserved Otway Thomas Royal Lyceum     Toronto 1855 1682 Belvidera
French/American Our Society Pailleron M Edouard  Stuart Clinton Madison Square New York 1886 1886 Mrs Spencer
British Contentment vs. Riches Planche Eliza farce Farrar Hall  Erie 1861 John Nickinson 1837 Nancy
British Faint Heart Never Won Fair Lady Planche James Robinson  Belleville Ontario 1860 1859 Donna Leonnora
British Pride of the market Planche James Robinson  amateur grp Hamilton 1849 1847 Louisa de Volange
American Social Scandal Robertson Peter Madison Square New York 1887 1887 in 1st and last act only
British Caste Robertson Thomas Wm Chestnut St Philadelphia 1876 1895 1867 Marquise de St Maur
British Her Father Rose Edward Douglas John Madison Square New York 1890 1889 ?
German American Lemons Rosen Julius Daly Augustin Chestnut St philadelphia 1877 Mar 1877 Mrs Shew
British Jane Shore Rowe Nicholas Royal Lyceum     Toronto 1856 John Nickinson 1714 Alicia
French Daniel Rochat Sardou Victorian Union Square New York 1881 1882 1880 Mrs Powers
British Rob Roy Scott Walter Peacock Isaac Prince of Wales Toronto Toronto 1848 1860 1818 Helen MacGregor
French Peculiar Position Scribe Eugene Royal Lyceum     Toronto 1855 John Nickinson 1837 Countess de Novara
French Royalist or Lady's Duel Scribe Eugene Legouve Arcade Hall? Lockport 1861 John Nickinson 1851 Countess d'Autreval
British As you Like It Shakespeare Wm Royal Lyceum     toronto 1855 elsewhere? 1599 Celia
British Comedy of Errors Shakespeare Wm Royal Lyceum     Toronto elsewhere? 1594 Adriana
British Coriolanus Shakespeare Wm Royal Lyceum     Toronto 1857 Barrett? 1608 Volumnia
British Hamlet Shakespeare Wm Lawrence Barrett Savannah 1873 Pikes Toronto 1599 Queen Gertrude, Marcellus, Guildenstern, Player Queen
British King Henry VIII Shakespeare Wm Lawrence Barrett Charleston SC 1873 1613 Queen Katharine
British King John Shakespeare Wm unknown 1852 to 58? 1870s? 1596 Eleanor  
British King Lear Shakespeare Wm Edwin Forrest Indianapolis 1868 1603 Goneril
British Macbeth Shakespeare Wm Her Majesty's Theatre Ottawa 1861 Toronto 1603 Lady Macbeth, witches, Donalbain, Gentlewoman, Malcolm
British Merchant of Venice Shakespeare Wm Royal Lyceum     Toront 1854 mult yrs 1596 Portia
British Merry Wives of Windsor Shakespeare Wm Royal Lyceum     Toronto 1853 1597 Mrs. Page
British Othello Rochester Toronto Shakespeare Wm Pike's Opera House  cincinnati 1865 1868 E Forrest 1603 Emilia, Desdemona JB Booth Jr Iago
British Richard III Shakespeare Wm Royal Lyceum     Toronto 1853 mult yrs 1591 Queen, Lady Anne, Duchess of York
British Romeo & Juliet Shakespeare Wm Olga Nethersole cincinnati 1864 1894 1591 Nurse
British Taming of the Shrew Shakespeare Wm Royal Lyceum     Toronto 1856 elsewhere? 1590 Katharine, the shrew
British Twelfth Night Shakespeare Wm Royal Lyceum     Toronto 1857 elsewhere? 1601 Countess  Olivia
British School for Scandal Sheridan Richard Brinsley Her Majesty's Theatre Ottawa 1861 John Nickinson 1777 Lady Teazle, Mrs. Candour
British Rivals Sheridan Richard Brinsley  Chestnut St Philadelphia 1852 1877 1775 Lydia Languish  Mrs Malaprop, Julia Melville
British Lights O London Sims George Robert Union Square New York 1881 1882 1881 Mrs Jarvis
American Uncle Tom's Cabin Stowe Harriet Beecher Toronto? 1860 John Nickinson 1852 Cassy
French/American Fair Fame Stuart Clinton Dumas fils Madison Square New York 1887 1887 Mrs Preston
British New Men and Old Acres Taylor Tom Chestnut St Philadelphia 1877 1869 ?
British Pisarro von Kotzebue Augustus Royal Lyceum     Toronto 1854 mult yrs 1799 Elvira Cora
German Stranger The von Kotzebue Augustus Farrar Hall  Erie 1861 John Nickinson 1797 Mrs. Haller, Countess
American Rosedale or the Rifle Ball Wallack Lester Wallacks New York 1881 1863 Mother Mix an old gypsy queen?
British Pharisee Wallis Mrs Lancaster Watson Malcolm Madison Square New York 1890 1891 1890 Miss Maxwell
British Joseph Watson Malcolm Bordman Ramsey Morris Montreal 1892 1893 1890 Mrs Horace Bellingham
british Fast Family Webster Benjamin Jr Chestnut St philadelphia 1878 feb 1866 Adolphine?
British Lady Windermere's Fan Wilde Oscar Palmer's Theatre New York 1893 1894 1892 Duchess of Berwick
British Roll of the Drum Wilks Thos Egerton Royal Lyceum     Toronto 1855 John Nickinson 1843 role not specified
British Jim the Penman Young Charles Madison Square New York 1886 1892 1886 Lady Dunscombe





American Girl I left behind me Belasco David Fyles Franklin Empire theatre  New York 1893 1893 Frank Mordaunt Odette Tyler
American Wife The Belasco David DeMille Henry C Lyceum New York 1887 1887 Georgia Cayvan
French/British Article 47 or breaking the ban Belot Adolphe Wms Henry L Daly's Union Sq New York 1872 1882 1871 Clara Morris Owen Fawcett WJ Lemoyne Mrs GH Gilbert Geo DeVere 
French/British Fanchon the cricket Birch Pfeiffer charlotte Chas Dickens Ben DeBar Laura Keenes 1864 1862 Old Fadet Maggie Mitchell John Nickinson
French Masked Ball Bisson Alexander Carre Albert Palmers Theatre New York 1892 Clyde Fitch 1892 Maude Adams John Drew
American Vim Widow Bedott Burgess Neil Bijou Boston 1886 1883 Neil Burgess
British/American Esmerelda Burnett Frances Hodgson Gillette Wm Madison Square New York 1882 novel 1877 Annie Russell
irish Sunlight & Shadow Carton Richard C Madison Square New York 1891 1890
American Fatal letter Cazauran AR Union Square New York 1884 1884 Charles Walcot
British New Magdalen Collins Wilkie Union Square New York 1882 1873 James O'Neill Clara Morris Owen Fawcett
French/American Samson & Delilah Daly Augustin Bisson Alexander Palmers Theatre New York 1889 1887 Salvini?
British Trilby DeMaurier George Potter Paul AM Palmer New York 1895 1895 Virginia Harned novel turned into play
British Fashion In the Fashion Dolaro Selina Madison Square New York 1887 1887 Eben Plympton
French Count of Monte Cristo Dumas Alexandre pere Union Square New York 1883 Wallack 1848 James O'Neill
British Barrister Fenn Geo Manville Darnley James Henry Madison Square New York 1887 1887
German/American Lost Paradise Fulda Ludwig DeMille Henry C Procter's Theatre New York 1892 1892 Frank Mordaunt
British Broken Hearts Gilbert WS Madison Square New York 1886 1884 Agnes Booth
British Gondoliers Gilbert WS & Sullivan A Park Theatre NY New York 1890 1889 George Temple
British HMS pinafore Gilbert WS & Sullivan A union square New York 1890 1878 Thomas Whiffen
British Mikado Gilbert WS & Sullivan A Fifth Ave Theatre New York 1886 1896 1885 Richard Mansfield
British Patience Gilbert WS & Sullivan A Standard Theatre New York 1890 1881 Lillian Russell
American Held by the enemy Gillette William Madison Square New York 1886 1886 George Parks Katharine Kidder
French/American Too Much Johnson Gillette William Ordonneau Maurice  Frohmans New York 1896 1894 William Gillette Frohman to Australia
British Gaiety Girl Greenbank Harry Jones Sidney Marcus Mayer New York 1894 1893 Rutland Barrington
British New Woman Grundy Sydney Palmers Theatre New York 1894 1894 EM Holland Annie Russell
French/British Pair of Spectacles Grundy Sydney Labiche Madison Square New York 1890 1890
British/American Prince Karl Gunter AC Madison Square New York 1886 1886 Richard Mansfield
Austrian Ingomar the barbarian Halm Friedrich Lovell Maria Bowery Theatre New York 1886 1842 Mary Anderson
British Sporting Duchess Harris Augustus Raleigh Cecil Charles Frohman New York 1898 1895 JH Stoddart Agnes Booth
American Margaret Fleming Herne James A Palmers Theatre New York 1891 1890 Katharine Corcoran Herne
American Aristocracy Howard Bronson Palmers Theatre New York 1892 1892 Viola Allen
American Old Love Letters Howard Bronson Madison Square New York 1886 1878 Agnes Booth JH Whiting Agnes Booth Joseph Whiting
American Trip to Chinatown Hoyt Charles Palmers Theatre New York 1891 Broadway 1890 Harry Conor
Norwegian/British Breaking a butterfly Ibsen Hendrik Jones HA Palmers Theatre New York 1889 1884 Doll's house
Norwegian/British Breaking a butterfly Jones  Henry Arthur Ibsen Hendrik 1884 Doll's House reentitled Breaking a butterfly 
American Elaine Lathrop George Parsons Madison Square New York 1887 1887 A Russell A Salvini
American Dominie's Daughter Lloyd David Demarest Wallacks New York 1887 1887 Mme Ponisi H Kelcey K Bellew
British Aunt Jack Lumley Ralph Madison Square New York 1892 1889 M Barrymore Agnes Booth
British Beside the bonnie briar bush MacLaren Ian 1850-1907 Walnut St  Philadelphia 1898 1895
American Merchant The Morton Martha Mad Sq rented for New York 1891 1891
British/American City Directory Potter Paul Meredith Tacoma 1890 1889 Mrs Leslie carter
Canadian Dinner at eight Ritchie John Almon Madison Square New York 1891 1891
British Prisoner of Zenda Rose Edward Edward Hope Lyceum New York 1896 novel 1895 James Hackett Sothern EH
French Diplomacy Sardou Victorien Wallacks New York 1885 1891 1878 Frederic Robinson Rose & Charles Coghlan 
French La Tosca Sardou Victorien Broadway Theatre New York 1888 1887 Fanny Davenport
British/American Master and Man Sims George R  Pettit Henry Alfred Palmer's Theatre New York 1890 1890 Richard Mansfield
American Alabama Thomas Augustus Madison Square New York 1891 1891 M Barrymore  JH Stoddart EM Holland
American Col Carter of Cartersville Thomas Augustus Palmers Theatre New York 1893 1892
American Man of the World Thomas Augustus Madison Square New York 1889 1883 M Barrymore
American Charley's aunt Thomas Brandon Standard Theatre New York 1896 1892 Harry Woodruff
American Old Homestead Thompson Denman Denman Thompson New York 1887 1890 1886 Denman Thompson
American Sunshine of paradise alley Thompson Denman Rye geo w Denman Thompson New York 1900 1896 Mrs Charles Peters
American Sealed Instructions Verplanck Julia Madison Square New York 1885 1885 Annie Russell JH Stoddart Wm LeMoyne
British Social Fiction Wallis Mrs Lancaster Watson Malcolm Madison Square New York 1891 1891
French/British Belphegor the Mountebank Webb Charles Denney Adolphe Park Theatre NY Boston 1890 1889 Frederick Warde
American One Touch of Nature Webster Benjamin Madison Square New York 1884 1859 Jos Whiting JH Stoddart Maud Harrison
British Vera the Nihilist Wilde Oscar Union Square New York 1883 1883 Marie Prescott
British Woman of no importance Wilde Oscar Fifth Ave Theatre New York 1893 1893 Maud Harrison M Barrymore Mrs DP Bowers

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