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Can you help identify these people?

We'd love to hear if you know who any of these people are.  Probably from 1880s or 1890s if undated. mgchitty@gmail.com

on back Sarony Gold Medal Paris 1878 37 Union Square New York  Negatives Preserved. Duplicates may be obtained at any time.  Elevator from the Street

Fredericks 770 Broadway, N.Y.  on back Fredrick's Knickerbocker Family Portrait Gallery, 770 Broadway Cor. 9th St.  New York
C.D. Fredricks
.(1823-1894)  Born into wealth, taken to Cuba as a boy, prevented from attending university by the wreck of his father’s fortunes in the crash of 1837, articled to a mercantile firm, then taken on by a Wall Street bank when scarcely twenty, Fredricks abandoned a promising career in finance to seek fortune in Venezuela. .. Fredricks realized that success in photography depended upon a grasp of new ways of securing revenue. He supplied photographic templates for the illustrations in Frank Leslie's Illustrated, the first periodical that made pictures its selling point. .. For twenty years Fredricks Studio on Broadway, opposite the Metropolitan Hotel, operated as the largest and most stylish photographic gallery in the city. It conducted a solid business plying the celebrity image trade and civic work. Camera operator John F. Main undertook most of the Magnesium Flash work documenting civic events. His published catalogues paid homage to the veteran officers of the Civil War, placing them first in the ranks of famous—Union before Confederates—then a healthy offering of Divines, before listing his Dramatic Portraits, a category twice again as large as any other. In 1875 a fire destroyed the Broadway studio. He relocated to 770 Broadway, a four-story photographic palace, outfitted in the modern style, where he trained his son in camera art before retiring and dying in 1894. Charles DeForest Fredericks http://broadway.cas.sc.edu/content/charles-deforest-fredricks  more about Frederick  http://historiccamera.com/cgi-bin/librariumadmin/pm.cgi?action=app_display&app=datasheet&app_id=237

H.J.  Theim, Newark N.J.  International Portrait Exhibition, H.J. Theim, Broad St. Newark, NJ For duplicates bring this number

D'Aquinos 1289 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Ray D. Chapman 1513 Eighth Ave., Bet. 17th & 18th Streets, New York

This photo has a name attached, but no indication of how or why  EJ Phillips came to have it. .

Miss Winnetta Montague  Bradley & Rulofson, San Francisco
(1851-1877) Actress Winetta Montague debuted in 1871, then married Walter Montgomery, who committed suicide a few days later. The young widow returned to the stage at Brooklyn's Park Theatre in 1872. In 1874 Montague's career took a turn and she became a variety performer. http://www.picturehistory.com/find/p/21764/mcms.html
https://wairarapaarchive1052.wordpress.com/2016/09/08/chasing-winetta/  The Life of David Belasco 1912 reported that she died in New York in  abject poverty in 1877.
Bradley & Rulofson's Celebrity Catalog, San Francisco 187
https://archive.org/details/bradleysons1878unse lists governors of California, mayors of San Francisco, business and actors "of any note " who have visited California since 1849.  

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