Mary Glen I've been in Somerville since 2004. 

I was lucky enough to secure a consultation with artist, decorator and good friend Manya Goldstein, of Bellefontaine, PA.

 Living/dining room

Manya talked me into window treatments and I have to admit they really do make a difference.  I love the table by the window with a nice view of the house across the street.

A day bed gives me room for visitors, and storage for papers underneath for now. The handsomest mirror I have was a present from Manya [next to lamp on bookcase].

My desk is by the only phone jack --  I really like the way it works. The desk can be cleared off and used as a buffet table.

Manya suggested the coat rack.  I'm still looking for ways to increase storage space. Trying to get rid of some possessions has also occurred to me.

Have hung some pictures, playbills and prints. I'm still working on my EJ Phillips website -- and a book outline  Check out the Facebook fan page

Kitchen The galley kitchen has surprisingly capacious cupboards.  I painted one wall Aegean blue, and replaced cupboard knobs.

and added mirror tiles, which makes the kitchen look a little bigger.

Bathroom  The "stained glass" is vinyl.

Bedroom  I have my great-grandmother's spool bed that I had in Florida.

My friend Saul added built-in bookcases.


I've ended up with more mirrors than ever. Manu thanks to Moving Maven Sue Richardson's decorating advice.

Gardening has become a great interest.
Daffodils Evening primrose & lilac Snow on the mountain and rhubarb Boltonia & morning glories Iris & azalea Iris
Iris sweet woodruff astilbe Lavender herbs
Rhododendron heuchera Rose campion   Rose spirea lilly Weigela
Rose of Sharon  Lilac May 2011 Viburnum  Tulip and iris  Azalea and Sweet woodruff

Neighborhood tour

Last revised Jan 2018    Need to take some new photos.